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 Tree Removal Is Dangerous!

Double Black Diamond Tree Service LLC is one of the most experienced Tree Trimming, and Hazardous Tree Removal Services in Spokane. We're known by many as the go–to company in Spokane, for Tree Removal.

In order to keep your home or business free of dead and diseased trees, they need to be properly pruned and cut back, or removed. Double Black Diamond Tree Service LLC specializes in all areas of Tree Removal and FAST Emergency clean up. We provide affordable and trusted Tree Removal, Pruning, Tree Trimming, Residential Logging and Land Clearing Excavation, to the Greater Spokane area, Couer D’Alene, and the Idaho Pan Handle.

Double Black Diamond Tree Removal Service LLC not only specializes in Hazardous Tree Removal, we also understand that every situation is different, and offer a wide variety of other services to accommodate each person’s needs.

If the Tree Service you need is not listed below, give us a call  (509) 209-0915 or (509) 258-7828. We can do it all!


Double Black Diamond Tree Service LLC offers:

Hazardous Tree Remova
l Service

Double Black Diamond has been removing Hazardous Trees for over 30 years. The safety of your home, business, and all structures, is our highest priority. For a tree to be considered Hazardous, a "target" must be within the falling distance of the tree or its parts that fall. A "target" means people, vehicles and or structures. Hazardous trees should be removed as soon as possible and we are more than happy to rearrange our schedule and guarantee your safety sooner than later.

Tree Removal Service

We are trained in the art and science of removing and or maintaining all varieties of trees. We can easily identify a diseased or dying tree and will happily offer alternatives to removing the tree if possible. Double Black Diamond is a knowledgeable expert in the needs of trees and is trained and equipped to provide proper care.

Fast Emergency Clean Up Service

Let's face it, Mother Nature has a mind of her own, so living in the Northwest means you never know what may happen. In the event of a large windstorm, thunderstorm, or ice storm, you may find yourself with a yard full of debris, or even worse a fallen tree on your home. Don't waste time. We specialize in Fast Emergency Clean Up and Double Black Diamond is the only call you need to make. We can bill your insurance company directly and will do everything we can to minimize your stress during those difficult times.


Not only are we able to remove trees in preparation of building but we can also prepare a work site for the next phase of the construction process. Double Black Diamond’s crew is even able to perform excavation services to restore a rough parking lot or driveway full of pot holes back to its original glory. If you’re interested in this service please call and ask to speak with Vince Frey for accurate price quote.

Residential Logging Service

Whether you're looking to get a cut on your tree removal cost, by selling the wood from the trees that we take away, or just trying to make your yard look clean and tidy, this is the service for you. Double Black Diamond will quickly, safely, and efficiently remove any trees you don't want and are able to offer a price break for logs that can be salvaged. We even offer a discounted rate if multiple people book in the same community. Please keep in mind that in order to salvage the logs the mills must be open and accepting loads.

Chipping Service

Cutting down a tree involves getting rid of the limbs and branches that have been left in your yard. Double Black Diamond Tree Service offers affordable Chipping Service and Debris Removal when removing any tree.

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Pruning & Trimming

Proper pruning & trimming enhances the beauty of almost any landscape tree and shrub, while improper pruning can ruin or greatly reduce its landscape potential. Pruning, like any other skill, requires knowing what you are doing to achieve success. Double Black Diamond Tree Service LLC has years of experience in correctly pruning & trimming ALL species of trees. Pruning can actually be done at any time of the year; however, recommended times vary with different plants. Call us today and find out what is best for your trees or shrubs!!

Tree Removal ServiceOur Equipment

Cutting down a tree involves getting rid of the limbs and branches that have been left in your yard. Double Black Diamond Tree Service LLC offers affordable Chipping Service and Debris Removal when removing any tree. We have a wide range of equipment to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Double Black Diamond has a GMC Boom Truck that can stretch out 30 feet and reach as high as 60 feet to get those extra tall trees we are fully capable of climbing as well. Among our other equipment we also have a bobcat to easily move the logs and debris around so we can finish the job on time. Contact us today for a Free Quote!



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